Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dubfreeze 2012

The Custard Camper crew spent last Sunday at the Dubfreeze show at Bingley Hall, Stafford.  We had debated whether it was worth a 3 hour journey each way but decided that we could forego another cold Sunday spent in Chelmsford and plans were set in motion to go day trippin.

After an earlyish start we still arrived much later than most of the vw's there.  Sad to see a lovely old splittie broken down just a few miles from the venue especially as they had their son with them, I know mine would of been gutted to spend a cold morning stuck on the side of a roundabout rather than at the promised vw show!

We passed a happy time just in the car park spotting all the lovely campers there.  We then swiftly went on to spotting and dodging sheep poo in the car parking field before having a wander round some of the vehicle parked outside the hall.  Loads of gorgeous campers, including some interesting ratty ones.

and of course plenty of beetles

but back to the campers;

We were pleased to spot the 'Murphy' bus as our son is called Murphy, photo opportunity immediately presented itself.

I think I was most interested in looking at the for sale campers, not that my pockets were loaded with cash but always good to see what you could buy if you had the money!

Dubfreeze certainly lived up to its name, with snow still on the ground, and lots of slush on the paths we were happy to move inside for a look around the trade stalls.

All sorts of stalls selling everything from complete interiors to bus bling.  I must admit I'm a bit of a girl when it comes to the mechanical side of keeping our camper on the road, that's what I pay a mechanic for after all but I like a shop as much as the next girl, so was happy to mooch about seeing what I could get for Delia.

Dan got most excited by the thought of a new gear stick knob, so I was persuaded that it would look good and was surprised to find one in a lovely rhubarb colour to match Delia's paintwork.  We also got a couple more hub caps as she keeps leaving these on her travels.

I didn't see that many bargains but did manage to get the kids a hoodie each from Vanfest as the name is now changing to Busfest and they were selling off old stock, £2.50 a hoodie you can't go wrong.

A visit to the very lovely Dogs N Dubs stall, was on my 'to do' list as I heard a rumour they had campervan dog collars.  Agent P needed one of these in her life!

We also picked up some lovely t shirts, this one for the youngest member of the custard crew

and this one for the other crew member

We had a quick look round the show n shine, which was ok but was quite busy so it took awhile to get a good look at anything but there were some beauties

After another quick look round outside we headed back to the warmer climate of Essex, but spotted this fella in the car park, impatient to get on the road again.

Kerry x