Monday, 25 June 2012

Delia's Latest Wedding Day

Delia spent last Friday on a self drive hire at the wedding of Gemma & Steve and she had a wonderful time.....

It all began several months ago when I was hoovering Delia at the local garage and Gemma spotted us and promptly turned her car round and came to see if Delia was available for her wedding date.  Then with everything booked they could sit back and look forward to arriving in style.

Steve picked Delia up at 8am on the day of the wedding and after a few challenging minutes trying to get to grips with her gears he was off to enjoy his special day.  Despite the weather forecast being rubbish, the day was actually quite sunny and Delia looked very pretty shining in the sunlight, parked up at the reception venue in pride of place.

Looks like a great wedding day 
Kerry x

Friday, 22 June 2012

Alive & V Dubbin & a bit more...

Yet more time has flown by and I have neglected my blog but here now so lets get on with it!

Ramsey has now been completed....after many frustrations and desperate searches to find a trimmer to carry out the upholstery, we stumbled upon Kustom Interiors at Wickford.  They squeezed us in, and completed the work on budget and ahead of schedule, fantastic.  His new pin up curtains are hung, new full width rock n roll bed fitted and with a new stereo and speakers he's ready to hit the road.....

Oh did I forget to mention he also had an engine rebuild as he kept gettting over excited and popping his piston!!  He has now set off on his first hire and is currently sunning himself in Cornwall.

Prior to the work being completely finished we thought we'd take him for a test trip as a birthday treat for the middle custard cream.  So friend invited, sleeping bags packed, several hours later than planned we headed off to Alive & V Dubbin at Jimmy's Farm, Ipswich.

Ramsey's motored along the A12 without any grumbles and we arrived on a windy but dry site by Saturday lunchtime.  Then ensued a battle with his new awning, not helped by Dan being bossy, when I pointed out he was always telling me he replied...because you just don't listen! Tip from the top...don't put up any tent/awning/other structure with your husband because they don't know what their doing but will insist that they do!!!

 Anyway awning duly up and securely pegged, we headed off to the main part of the show for a nosey.  Due to the extreme weather on the Friday (set up day) I think several traders had given up and jumped ship and the area by the main marquee was also a bit deserted, but we had something to eat & passed a couple of hours wandering around.

Several hours where also spent getting Ramsey's curtains to fit (yes that's correct I hadn't fitted them prior to departure as thought I'd just do it while on site)  It was virtually dark by the time I'd got them right.

We were expected rain on the Sunday but thankfully we woke up to gorgeous sunshine, so after cooking up a bit of breakfast we headed off in search of VW's.

Didn't have to go far just walking round the campsite there were so many to see;

Sunday had a much better atmosphere, plenty of people milling about and sitting outside the beer tent, listening to the music, the show n shine area was packed with campers, beetles & ghias amongst a few others.  I think I will add another post in a few days with the show and shine pictures as took loads.  All in all a really good laid back day.

Also if you like a vintage caravan I've got some snaps of them and a lovely guest blog post coming up in the next few weeks by someone who knows a thing or two about them. 

Kerry x