Sunday, 19 January 2014

2013 Round Up - A Year Of Custard Part 1

I have spent the last couple of days making plans for 2014, and one of the things I pondered was whether to restart this blog.  On reflection I'm going to give it another go, I'm never too sure how beneficial it is to the business and whether anyone really reads it.  According to  the stats plenty do but I get very few comments, so if your here feel free to leave a comment, even if its just to say hi.

Another issue I've struggled with on the blog is what to write, being a girl I do tend to veer towards the pretty things in life that catch my eye, but as I run a campervan business I wonder if this is too girly to fit with the brand?  Are people here just to see campervans?  or is it ok to mix it up?

Anyway enough of my musings, on with the blog...

Inspired by the very lovely Emily over at @fisheedesigns  I thought I'd do a look back at 2013 highlights

Hugs For Ramsey

In January we said a very sad goodbye to Ramsey, as he headed up to Norfolk to be sold by a third party.  My son in particular was very upset to see his favourite camper leave.

Moving Day

After a very tense wait to exchange contracts, this finally happened a week before we were due to move.  A mad dash to get packed up in time, washing out kitchen cupboards at midnight the night before you move is very stressful!  A big thanks to my wonderful friends who helped no end especially on moving day.  They helped finish packing up the old house and cleaned it.  Provided scones for lunch while waiting for the new keys and then helped scrub and sterilise the new house, now that's true friendship for you!

First time meeting our new camper

Having finally found Ramsey a lovely new home, we were ready to start the search for a new camper.  We found this 1973 Westfalia Continental buried in the For Sale forum on VZI.  I have no idea why he'd been overlooked, as he was lovely and a good price.


Heart Wedding Show

We took the very pretty Nigella along to exhibit at the Heart Wedding Show at Brentwood.  It wasn't as busy as we hoped but did secure some bookings later in the year.

Still up to our eyes in work on the new house, having had to rip out the kitchen, have the whole house rewired, replumbed and everywhere needing decorated, it was a major project.  Also it is not easy to live in house with kids and pets while the floorboards have to be taken up everyday for the wiring....horrendous.

Needs a bit of work!!

Think we needed a break from the house....

Volksworld Show

We did manage a day trip to Volksworld but alas not in a camper as there was snow on the ground.  Dan had spent the previous day driving our new camper 'Floyd' down to Sussex in the snow and was not keen to repeat the performance!

Volksworld is a really good show as there's a good mix but it was so cold that we only did quick dashes to the outside displays and spent more time in the show halls.  Want to see more on our visit check out the blogpost on it here.
Another month and another new campervan ;)  The very gorgeous Mrs Beeton, I LOVE this camper, she makes me happy and it's as simple as that!

Delia finally made it back on the road after having numerous engine problems.  We were badly messed about and let down by the mechanic, so after finally rescuing her, we took her to someone far more reliable who sorted out the mess left behind.  On the plus side of this very stressful episode, it did mean we established a great new link with the new mechanic who I'd now count as one of our good friends, every cloud and all that!

Rolling once more :)

The month finished with a lovely surprise weekend in Brighton with my lovely husband Dan to celebrate my 40th Birthday.

We had a fantastic time and I had a surprise party on Portslade Beach with my friends who all came down to help me my friends x

May was busy for Floyd & Delia, out on loads of hires..

We did manage to fit in a few shows though and started the month at Vicky Farm & The SSVC campout.  We liked this but arrived fairly late in the day, pictures from it here and here.  This campout is followed by a crusie to Stanford Hall VW show.  Fantastic cruise, loved every minute of it!

Stanford Hall is a great show, we were lucky with the weather which makes all the difference.  Loads more photos here.  We purchased a BMX for my son and didn't really think about how we were going to get it home!
Bit of a squash!

We also visited the Essex Dubbers show at Battlesbridge, loads of photos here and also the Battlesbridge Classic Car Show, which is a lovely really well attended show.  Both good little shows, just a short drive from us.

June started off with a lovely girls glamping weekend to the Vintage Nostalgia Show.  We had such a good time, celebrated my friend Katie's birthday in style and shopped, drank and most of all chilled.  I took endless photos which can be seen here but just to give you a taste....

We also took a both Nigella & Mrs Beeton to Alive & V Dubbin.  I like this show and its fairly local to us but it was very cold this year which did dampen spirits a bit but write up & photos here.

We got a new member of the Custard Crew, the fabulous Matilda, Tilly to her friends.  She is actually my daughter's dog and it was her that desperately wanted a Pug.  Tilly is a rescue pug, who was used for breeding, she was very overweight and unfit but has now slimmed down and can run around with our greyhounds.

She won third prize at the dog show for her unicorn!

As this blog post is so long and will run through the second half of 2013 in a separate post.  Don't forget we post loads of pictures and bits and bobs over on our Custard Campers facebook page, so worth a little look.

If your thinking of hiring a campervan for either a wedding in Essex or a campervan holiday get in touch and we'd be happy to help.

Kerry x
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