Saturday, 21 January 2012

Retro Festival 2012

The Retro Festival   10/11/12 August  Maidenhead, Berkshire  (a nice steady trip in a campervan perhaps...)

I was very excited to stumble upon this gorgeous looking festival this morning.  So often 'vintage' or 'retro' events are restricted to certain eras, but not this time, whether you a forties fan, or prefer your retro a little more modern, there's something for you..

So you love a bit of vintage shopping...

everything from authentic vintage, to reproduction clothing will be there, but its  not just about the fashion, something for the ware to full on diva furniture and even toys.

Ok so shoppings not your bag, rather be looking at your hot rods than your hot heels, then check out the Wings & Wheels arena.  There's going to be classic cars, mod bikes, hot rods, airstreams, military vehicles and even a fly by.

So you like a shop and don't mind spending an afternoon lusting after gorgeous cars, but you really want to get down and party, then you need to head to the Scarlet Ballroom which promises 1930's Shanghai Glamour with music, cabaret, cocktails and burlesque

Well that already looks like a pretty full on weekend but you can't have a festival without live music, so you won't want to miss The Black Hanger Stage for a good mix of rockabilly and rock and roll acts or if you more of a mod than a rocker, head to the Ricky Tick Club for original ricky tick club dj's and the best mod  bands around.

If you feel you need a bit more glamour you need to go visit vintage beauty parlours or barbers.  There is even a mobile tattooist if you want to go away with a keepsake of your weekend.

Camping is available, but if you want to go your own way why not book Delia our lovely campervan, and you can park it up in the RV camping field and glamp it up in proper vintage style.  Contact us for current availability.

Families are welcome through out the weekend and you can expect to find face painting, vintage make and takes, steam rides & more and Sunday is named as family day with extra activities being provided.

As you can probably guess I've already marked this one in my calendar as a must do event.  Check out their website for loads more detail and keep your eyes peeled on this blog, as we will be featuring an exclusive interview with organiser Sadie Boon, in the coming months.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Day Off In London Town

Today was a day off and a day out with Mr Custard, after riding via the school to drop the kids off, we cycled on to the station and caught the train to London.  Having briefly passed through Carnaby Street before Christmas I thought how nice it looked and wanted to go back for a bit of a nose around.

Time was duly spent in the Barbour shop where he tried to convince me that £200 on a jacket was a fair deal, I'm pleased to say he failed!  I then duly made he wait while I drooled over the gorgeous shoes in Irregular Choice, but haven't said he couldn't have a jacket I could hardly spend loads on a pair of shoes!

Nice though it was round that area there wasn't actually that much there, we had gone to look in Kingly Court but sadly a lot of the boutiques there didn't open until Midday but we did go in the Things British shop which is always full of really quirky handmade things.

We then decided to detour over to Holburn to check out a bicycle shop for Mr Custard, I tried and failed on several attempts to get him to let us go on the Boris Bikes....for someone so into his bicycles he was strangely unenthusiastic to give them a go.!

we were looking at these rather than riding on these 

After a lunch of differing first at Pret than to Strada where having waited 20 minutes for them to take our order we gave up and went back to Pret.  This just left time to head over to Brick Lane for a browse but we never made it that far as I got sidetracked in the fabulous Fairy Gothmother shop.  I bought this gorgeous sailor dress from their sale rail...happy days!

By then it was time to get the train back to collect the kids.  We arrived in Chelmsford to find our bikes securely locked inside the railway bike sheds, and us securely locked OUT of said bike shed for at least another hour.  Now I'm not one to point blame but I'm pretty certain I told Mr Custard this would happen when we put them there in the morning!  Thus a chilly walk rather than cycle to the school and he had to go and collect the bikes later in Delia.

Was a lovely day though

Kerry x

Friday, 6 January 2012

We've Been Featured On Little Scandinavians Blog!

Well yesterday was spent contemplating future marketing for Custard Campers and as we have a virtually non existent budget left for such things, one of the areas I wanted to look at, was getting featured on other people's blogs.

So it was a lovely surprise to see on twitter this afternoon, that without any begging or bribing we had been featured on the very lovely Little Scandinavian's blog.

Little Scandinavian is  a gateway to the world of Scandinavian kids fashion and design; a website and a weekly free e-mail newsletter that delivers the latest of what you need to know about Nordic children’s fashion, contemporary design, family lifestyle and travel.  Most of the travel featured is around Scandinavia, so I am doubly pleased that we merited a mention.

The blog entry is here but while your there do take time to have a good read of some of other lovely blog posts and if your on twitter go follow them @ScandinavianMum and tell her the custards sent you.

image courtesy of Little Scandinavian's Blog

Now I've always wanted to go to Sweden as it looks so beautiful, perhaps that why I buy so much furniture from Ikea and have always had a soft spot for a bit of Abba!  I have in fact once been for a day trip to Lapland which I believe comes under Sweden as is more an area than an actual country but I could be wrong!

Kerry x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Here's To A VW New Year

Hello to my new blog.  Here I intend to not only talk about my vw campervan hire business but also feature lots of interesting places to visit in the East of England (and beyond!)  I will also be linking to some wedding bits and pieces for the brides among you who want a day different from all the rest.

We will be sharing news on our campervan Delia, she is currently due an interior revamp, so I will be sharing progress on that.  I am also looking to purchase a couple of bicycles to hire alongside Delia, so I will keep you updated on my bicycle search.

For now I would like to formally introduce you to Delia;

She is a 1972 Dormobile, these type of campers are commonly referred to as Bay Window Campers and are sometimes seen as not as desirable as there very iconic big brother the Split Screen camper.  However I  would of course disagree as I think Delia is more than a bit lovely!  When we bought her she was nameless so after some debate, it was decided (by me!) that due to her gorgeous Rhubarb & Custard colouring she should be named after another lady of how shall I put it...vintage years Delia Smith.

So whether its vw's, glamping, weddings, vintage or bicycles that interests you, hopefully I will have some good stuff to share with you.

If you read this blog please do feel free to comment (even if its just to say hello!) as I know from my other blog Strawberry Annie's, typing away with no feedback can be a tricky thing...

Right thats it for today

Kerry x