Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Alive & V Dubbin 2013

So last weekend found us heading off to Alive & V Dubbin at Jimmy's Farm just outside Ipswich.  I'd been looking forward to it all week, anticipating sitting in the sunshine while the kids rode round on their bikes etc etc, alas the weather forecast said different, but Saturday wasn't too bad in the morning.

We had planned to take the lovely Nigella but then as Mrs Beeton was just sitting around with no date we thought why not take her along for the ride.  Bikes duly loaded onto the roof rack, sleeping bags & tents packed (I know with two campers we didn't really need tents but the kids wanted to sleep in their own ones this time), we hit the A12 in convoy, always good fun.

By the time we stopped at Tesco's just near the site to pick up some supplies (aka Beer) the weather had turned distinctly chilly, not a good sign.  Our spirits were lifted when we were sat waiting for the lights to change at the roundabout and who should pass us but our very own Floyd out on his weekend hire.

A quick chase after him for a beep and a wave and in doing so I managed to completely miss the turning so we took a rather long detour but arrived on site eventually.  The camping area was already rammed so they were letting people set up in the car park so we duly took our space and set up the tents.  My plans of eating al fresco were ditched by the cold winter so we all crammed into Nigella for our picnic.

How to wind your little sister up...nick her bike!
I then spent a cold hour traipsing up and down the camping area photographing every classic dub I could.  I took literally hundreds of photos so if you were there look for yours here and feel free to tag, share and copy.  If you weren't there go take and look and see what you missed!

Eventually we headed back to Nigella to warm up.  Agent P especially was feeling the chill and spent the whole weekend wearing her pj's and had to snuggle under her sleeping bag to warm up.

Sunday dawned overcast and drizzle threatening but undetered the camping stove came out and I cooked up bacon butties (a camping treat as I'm a veggie so I very rarely cook meat for the rest of the family) and I insisted we sat outside and ate like your meant to do when camping!

We had already decided to play in by ear and if it was still freezing we'd pack up and go home, so we packed down the tents etc and went for a wander.  The Show N Shine was filling up so we decided to join in and put both Nigella & Mrs Beeton in, I'm glad we did as although they're not show winners we did overhear some lovely comments from people looking at them.

The Show N Shine as usual had some gorgeous vehicles, this was my favourite 

but there was so many to choose from including some lovely beetles;
This one won Best In Show

So despite the dull weather we had a good weekend catching up with friends, meeting new people and potential customers and just enjoying time as a family.

Don't forget loads more pictures here !!!

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Kerry x