Sunday, 17 March 2013

Floyd on Campers

We've got a name and we've got a winner....

well done to Heather Bellis who was lucky number 13 picked by the lovely folk over at Inspired Camping.  Although Heather didn't suggest the name we decided on, she did put forward the name of Mary Berry, which was enough to get her entered into our draw...

We considered all the names, I personally liked Mrs Beeton alot but Dan suggested that would be better suited to an older camper maybe a splittie.  The one that made us chuckle was 'Swedish' after the swedish chef in the muppets, very clever.

After some debate we opted for Floyd, which seems perfect for our camper.  Keith Floyd was regarded as a pioneer in taking cookery out of the studio & he travelled far and wide for his shows.  We are thinking wine coloured upholstery and some quirky curtains.  He will be the perfect camper to park up on a beautiful campsite and sit back and enjoy a cheeky bottle of vino.

Kerry x

If Your Name's Not Down....

We will be announcing the winning name for our new camper tonight at 8pm and one lucky person will win a free weekend hire.

I have been keeping a list of all entries but with so many of you joining in it is possible I may of missed someone so  please please check your on the list & if I have missed you, shout NOW.

  1. Mel Jackson            via Facebook
  2. Erin Lysandrou        via Facebook
  3. Becci Higgs             via Facebook
  4. Paul Sterry               via Facebook
  5. Scavenger Annie      via Blog
  6. Rachel Phillips         via Facebook
  7. Jenni Manley            via Facebook
  8. Becki Tatum            via Facebook
  9. Louise Gevaux         via Facebook
  10. Darren Gevaux         via Facebook
  11. Marie Stansfield       via Facebbok
  12. Michelle Cohan        via Facebook
  13. Heather Bellis           via Facebook
  14. Tom Walker             via Facebook
  15. Linda Bekir              via Facebook
  16. Merlot The Camper  via Facebook
  17. Maxine Hall              via Facebook
  18. Lorraine Lottie Mustard via Facebook
  19. Gemma Pickles         via Facebook
  20. Dianne Winch           via Facebook
  21. Beatrice-BelleUK      via Twitter
  22. Stacey Fribbins        via Facebook
  23. Lee Crouch              via Facebook
  24. Thomas Koreman     via Facebook
  25. Sam Bradfield           via Facebook
  26. Charlotte Edwards    via Facebook
  27. Michelle Heron Bray  via Facebook
  28. Lulu Hobson             via Facebook
  29. Debs Ivelja                via Facebook
  30. Karl Mardell              via Facebook
  31. Fiona Reed               via Facebook
  32. Jo Barber                  via Facebook
  33. Tracy Tant Black      via Facebook
  34. Gemma Lawrence     via Facebook
  35. Sara Shipley             via Facebook
  36. Natalie Neylon          via Facebook
  37. OneSugarPlease       via Twitter
  38. OutcastVW              via Blog
  39. Jody Gonzalez          via Facebook
  40. Sarah Clark               via Facebook
  41. PetalsandLace           via Facebook
  42. Bellabbeagle              via Twitter
  43. Yvonne at Whitegold Images via Facebook
  44. Tracey Mcqueen        via Facebook
  45. Melanie Nicholson      via Facebook
  46. Gilly Sanders              via Email
  47. Anni Howard              via Email
  48. Trifle Rabbit               via Email
  49. Afieldsomewhere        via Twitter
  50. Irene Noon                 via Facebook
  51. Jan Cannon                via Facebook
  52. Rob Piper                  via Facebook
  53. Willow Piper              via Facebook
  54. Marie Stansfield          via Facebook
  55. Charlotte Drummond  via Blog
  56. Katy May Read          via Facebook
  57. Adam Boswell            via Twitter
  58. Dave Allen                  via Twitter
  59. Nichola Cain               via Email
  60. Ben@Voice                 via Email
  61. Daxa-PJA                   via Twitter
  62. Tracy Wilson              via Facebook
  63. Linda Bennet               via Twitter
  64. UKCamper                  via Twitter
  65. Graham Kerr                via Facebook
  66. Sorrel Church              via Facebook
  67. Follies                         via Facebook
  68. Vicki Andreetti             via Facebook
  69. Wendy Daugherty Ledbetter  via Facebook
  70. Lee Crouch                  via Facebook
  71. Karen Pettitt                 via Facebook
  72. GirlOnFilm                   via Twitter
  73. Kath Webber                via Facebook
  74. Stephanie Williams        via Facebook
  75. Sarah Goodwin             via Facebook
  76. Spiller Ruth                   via Twitter
  77. Simon Spencer              via Facebook
  78. Christine Moss              via Facebook
  79. Kellie Amanda Jones      via Facebook
  80. Jo Vallance                    via Facebook
  81. TheHaywoodSisters       via Twitter
  82. Tanya Marie Shaw          via Facebook
  83. Charles Dytham              via Blog
  84. Hannah Maslin                via Facebook
  85. Yvonne Mackenzie          via Facebook
  86. Aitchy Wright                 via Facebook
  87. Rob Law                        via Facebook
  88. Steve Batt                       via Facebook
  89. Paul Curran                     via Facebook
  90. Simon Blundie-Weitz       via Facebook
  91. Duggie Walker                 via Facebook
  92. Helen Jones                     via Twitter
  93. Becci Higgs                     via Facebook
  94. Linda Bekir                      via Facebook
  95. Kerry Lou                        via Blog
  96. Tracie Shamby                 via Blog
  97. Katie Boulter                    via Facebook
Good Luck

Kerry x

Friday, 8 March 2013

Entries So Far...

I'm delighted to say we've had 93 entries so far, obviously there has been several duplications but there is 86 different names at this stage.  Just to clarify where people have suggested more than one name (very naughty!) we have added them all to the list but the person will only be put into the draw once.

I've listed them in the order they have been suggested.  Some have made us chuckle, some we love, some we're not so keen on but have a look and see what you think....

  • Ainsley
  • Harriet
  • Heston
  • Aldo
  • Cookie
  • Heinz Winkler
  • Fearnley
  • Marco
  • Frank
  • Floyd
  • Contessa
  • Rosemary Shreggar
  • Gino
  • Valentine
  • Mary Berry
  • Charlie
  • Fanny
  • Oliver
  • Khoo
  • Caramel
  • Biscuit
  • Olive
  • Anthony
  • Keith 
  • Michel Jr Roux
  • Hugh
  • Carluccio
  • Pierre
  • Chalky
  • Swedish (Swedish Chef from the Muppets)
  • Claude
  • Brulee
  • Dodger
  • Kenneth
  • Nancy
  • Biscuit
  • Toffee
  • Puddin
  • Angus
  • Roux
  • Clarrissa
  • Margo
  • Betty
  • Roobarb
  • Basil
  • Crumble
  • Bisto
  • Elizabeth
  • Hazel
  • Mrs Beeton
  • Fudge
  • Brian
  • Turner
  • Novelli
  • Wallace
  • Colonel Mustard
  • Otto
  • Stein
  • Bailey
  • Wareing
  • Graham
  • John-Christophe
  • Rhubarb
  • Custard Cream
  • Banana Split
  • Banoffe
  • Florence
  • Hubert
  • Pascale
  • Mr Kipling
  • Roobarb
  • Mushroom
  • Gandolph
  • Charlotte
  • Bertie
  • Skippy
  • The Hoff
  • Mutley
  • Cash
  • Rock The Cash Bus
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Humphrey
  • Burt The Bus
  • Flanby
  • Eton
On the facebook page, people have often said why they've chosen that one, so may be worth having a look.

Quite a list much for us to consider....I'm thinking I should of done this when naming each of our kids as it would of definitely helped!

There is still time to add some more names to the list so if you haven't entered, what you waiting for? and if you can keep telling your friends, family, the lady at the bus stop...we'd really appreciate.

I have been using our new camper as my daily run around, as I don't have my own car to use, and it's always good to get to know your camper before it starts its working life out on hire.  I'm happy to report all good, it drives really well.  Dan's going to give it a bit of a tune up this weekend, and we can then decide what to add to the inside to make it into a Custard Camper.

Kerry x

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Inspiration

The sun is shining, there are no workmen in our house (for the first day in ages!) and we're off to collect our new camper in awhile...happy days.  While sitting here drinking tea and browsing facebook I stumbled on the following inspiring quote by Poppy Sparkles

It struck me that this is probably a good way to approach most things in life.  It is certainly the way I started up Custard Campers, in an ideal world I would of have had more start up capital, premises, knowledge and a marketing budget but in reality I scrapped the money together to buy Delia, by taking a personal loan and selling my own car, and then just started.  

Get your own version, in a choice of colours on the Poppy Sparkles Blog.

Kerry x