Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Where Has The Time Gone?

Well this poor blog has been neglected again, but not because we haven't been busy far from it!

Nigella has been out to quite a few weddings now and has lots booked into her diary for next year...

Meanwhile back at the ranch we made the decision to sell Ramsey...not an easy decision as he is the coolest bay in the village but sadly our customers just want a more 'traditional' looking camper, so he spends far too much time on his own in the barn.  Unfortunately it is the wrong time of year to sell a campervan so he is still with us and is going off on one last hire this Saturday.  He is still up for sale though so if you fancy a very straight, very solid early bay give us a shout.

Delia has been so busy and has been off to the New Forest, Dorset, Suffolk, and Brighton to name just a few.  This weekend she is having a well deserved rest!

We have also been busy, as I suddenly got it into my head that we needed to move house, primarily to get more space for our campers.  We do have secure storage for them but we really need a bigger garage and our own driveway, so it would be easier to prepare & repair them without being out in the car park.  Things have moved really quickly, we thought about it for a couple of weeks, next thing we had it on the market and it sold in less than two weeks.  Excellent news except we haven't managed to find anything to buy.  I honestly didn't see this coming, I thought it would take ages to sell ours but didn't take on board that it would be so difficult to find something to buy.  So at the moment I am stalking Zoopla to find us & our campers a new home.  

Right I still haven't blogged Volksworld pictures or Brighton watch this space, better late than never!

Kerry x

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