Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Behind The Scenes At Custard HQ

Delia went in for some major work at the beginning of the year and sadly she is still not home....very nearly but she keeps throwing up new issues.  She should be ready to collect at the end of this week just in time to start her season.

She has had all her rotten bits removed and lovely fresh metal put in, a new front beam, her whole bottom half has a respray and she's had her brakes overhauled.  The inside of the pop top has been refurbed and a lovely floral canvas fitted.  I can't wait to drive her again.

Custard Camper's is also having a bit of a rebrand and revamp.  When I told people I was doing this, it got mixed reactions, some couldn't see the point as it was fine as it was and others liked the idea.  I was never really too happy with our webpage as I felt it wasn't quirky enough to truly represent our brand.  I try to do things a little differently to other vw hire companies and went with an unusual name for the company to try and make us more memorable and more fun.

I am happy to say we are half way through the rebrand process, I now have a lovely new logo, and matching designs for our social media pages.  The website is currently undergoing a new build and I have seen the draft version and I'm happy to report it truly reflects our brand ethos of been fun and quirky and even better there are polka dots....yellow polka dots no less!

Now I've just got to secure lots of bookings to pay for it all!

Kerry x
Custard Campers - VW Campervan Hire Essex