Monday, 19 August 2013

VW Whitenoise 2013

Earlier in the year we had hoped to go to Whitenoise to camp after a day visit last year but as we ended up with weddings booked in this weekend we were back to a day visit.  Plans for this were also cut short when our hirer's needed to return Delia earlier than expected due to work commitments.

So it was a late set off and we didn't arrive on site till nearly 2pm.  Now given that the show wraps up at about 4pm after the Show N Shine prizes are announced I was a bit miffed that there was no reduction on the entrance fee of £10 per adult & £3 per child.  With only two hours of the show left £36 entry is a bit steep!

Other than that gripe though, I really enjoyed the afternoon.  I would of liked longer to look round the stalls particularly the second hand ones as I love mooching round vintage bits that I really don't need but always end up wanting.  Sadly by the time we got to that part most had already packed up.  However we still found plenty to look at & buy!


Spotted this gorgeous 1950's vintage caravan but sadly it was a bit too expensive for me, it was up for £2100 & needed quite a bit of work.

We did however get this for my daughter, really I wanted it for myself but couldn't justify another bike as I already have plenty!  We've been telling her for years to get a bike to make getting around easier but she's always deemed them too uncool but this one changed her mind....

Patina Ride From Type Two Detectives

Show N Shine at Whitenoise was packed, but sadly I didn't get as long as I'd of liked to see all the vehicles properly and I left Dan on photographic duties but here's a few 

Dotty The Dormobile - she had sparkly cream paintwork!

More photos on the facebook page here.

Kerry x

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  1. Thanks for popping these great pictures up on your site! Just wanted to confirm that we do reduce entry prices but not until after the show and shine prizes have been announced. This is a fair system. The gates open at 0900 until 1700. Glad you still came along during a very busy weekend. Hope to confirm 2014 date very soon! Best wishes from the Whitenoise team.